quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2009

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Big-Time Barbecue

A Portuguese Town’s Spit-Roasted Claim to Fame

Mealhada, Portugal

Most Portuguese towns are graced with monuments honoring local heroes. Mealhada is a bit different. There’s no stony faced navigator or dreamy bronze poet to greet visitors here. Instead, there’s a three-meter monolith topped with an oversized limestone piglet, its snout pointed skyward in an expression of civic pride in its inhabitants’ prowess in the arts of porcine cuisine.


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El Tonel disse...

Até que enfim que aparece um post sério... LOLOLOLOLLLLL

botássar que tá quase na hora da bucha, carago...

também... era a única coisa boa que se perdia se um dia o mar chegasse outra vez à Lameira..... LOLOLOLOL